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Sunday, November 10, 2013


He never fail to surprise me.

Our journey is just in the beginning of a storybook. Yes, the few first pages that catch your eyes that just ensure you to finish that book.

It was 15 days late and our anniversary fall a day before Eid Al Adha. Which is why we had postponing all the dinner and presents and cards. Yes our second anniversary is indeed special but I dont want to make it like I dont care or we dont care. But as long as we are together, I could've never been happier.

He is the only person who can stand me. Yup, ME. Look nice and sweet on the outside but who knows there is something inside me that my husband can only understand. Which I dont think he understand either. Haha.

He is my significant other.
My better half.
My happiness.
My joy.
My pride.
My love.
My life.

I cant imagine my life without him. Nobody is perfect but he is just as perfect. 

Perfect for me :D

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