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Monday, October 28, 2013


What a weekend. Had friends coming over yesterday. And today we had one satisfied homecook lunch!

We tried making our own caramel latte and it was a success! I made the caramel syrup however the caramel taste is not quite strong. Anyhow it was a blast! I love it. WE LOVE IT.

Today's lunch. We had fried beef. Yummehhhh. Thank you hubby for helping out. Hehe

And I had this for dessert/snack. Never thought that this is sooooo goooddd! Damn good. Tak payah pergi Dip N Dip hehehe :P

And I had this lemon infused cold plain water. So refreshing! I love this drinking glass that we bought from Korea one day before our flight back home. How I wish I could buy all of them!

What a weekend!

Bye bye.

Sunday, October 27, 2013


Oh shit. Again. Eventhough I love the convenience of writing in a blog from the phone, but I just hate the fact that when you wanted to see the other apps for a bit without exiting, but when you open back the blogger apps, whatever that you had written is gone, FOR GOOD. Gahhhhh.

Red velvet cake that I bought from Wondermilk. I still feel that the price is reasonable for the size of the cake, and its RED VELVET.

Thank you friends for coming over to our super sweet house.

Suria wanted to test out her wide lens.

Grafitti that they left on our chalkboard wall. And I didnt finish off what I wanted to write for the menu of the day. Haha.
Friends. Love you guys!

We dropped by at Starbucks to buy coffee. Ended up we bought a bag of coffee bean.

The staff was incredibly nice, she explained to us which type of coffee that Starbucks uses to make their coffee, and we told her that we dont have a coffee machine, that we only have a coffee press, she offered to grind the beans for us! I was still in awe with the services! I mean, if I know that buying coffee beans is this easy, I would have bought them million years ago so I could make my own coffee!

For one packet of coffee bean is only RM30 and with RM30, I can only buy 2 cups of grande caramel latte right?

Arghhh how stupidddd.

Now I only need to make the syrup. Ohhh I cant wait!

Thursday, October 24, 2013



We tried a new cafe, The Humble Chef at Plaza Damansara. It is good and the price is not expensive.

All pasta at RM5.00 only. And yes the creme brulee was so nice. I wish I had another one. And we tried their laksa goreng, it was good but a bit spicy for me. We had shared their brownies, it was  good too!

Eventhough the portion is not that big but the taste overall is super yummy.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Was craving for coffee today. Since payday is still another few days to go so we opt for cheaper coffee. McCafe has the best coffee after Starbucks. The coffee is acceptable. 

San Francisco coffee is not bad either. I had them for couple of times before. Coffee from The Coffee Bean also drinkable. I can still taste the caramel. 

Yeap, thats the only coffee that I will drink. Everytime I go to Starbucks or any other coffee shop, I only can drink caramel latte. And during Christmas season, Starbucks got this toffee nut latte, its delicious too.

There was one time, our boss wanted to treat us for coffee, so the nearest was Gloria Jean's. I didnt mean to say bad thing about this coffee shop, but to me, the coffee tastes like shit. I didnt know what I'd tasted. The caramel latte was down the drain. The cookies and cream tasted like dirt. Come on!

And for all my years working at the building, I never spend a penny there. Arghhh. Urgghh. Maybe its just me. But I saw a lot of loyal customer keep coming back for their coffee.

Since we both love coffee that much, I had google some recipe for caramel syrup. Ohhh I cant wait to do this. If its okay I will blog about it :)

Sunday, October 20, 2013


Dont know what's troubling my mind right now.

I just wish it will go away.


I love gummy candies. And seeing this just makes me super excited. When I was a kid, we only got burger and pizza.

I made the fried apple. I dont have the green one so I used the fuji ones. It tastes weird. But I love the smells. It lingers in the house for couple of minutes. So yummy.

Ok, I made the banana spring roll again. This time I mashed the banana so I got to add the vanilla essence. Hehe. I love the vanilla smell. Its so yummy and sweet.

The hubby is not around for the night. He got this marathon thing in Putrajaya. So I was all alone and what else can I do besides watching TV?

Ok ok I got my ombre jeans. Its not like what I had in mind. I dont know. Maybe I just had high expectation. Yes I am. I am that person. I love beautiful things. And if its not like what I had imagined, then you ruined it man.

The girl asked me how it goes, I just said its ok. I dont want to be the fussy one.

One thing for sure, dont think too much and you cant compare with those branded jeans when you pay for that kind of price. But I feel its a bit too overboard with that. And she also sent the jeans a bit later than expected. So she did ruined all the excitement, I guess. Hmm.

I mean, maybe, maybe, that its just didnt meet the expectation thats all. Its just one stupid phenomenon where all the girls just wanted to get one. But it look goods in picture. So I was tempted and feel cheated. Gahh. I didnt say she was cheating or whatever. But my expectation is somewhat very high, I just feel stupid that I had to think like that. Poor her.

This makes me feel like doing my own! Arghhhhhh. So stupid. I feel like I wanted to go to H&M and buy all the basics and just do it now! Dylon Malaysia did notify me that they have new colors. Argghh.

I'm sorry if anybody who read this will say or think she is wrong. No, its just me. Trust me, and she did mentioned her jeans not for fussy buyer. Which I thought I AM NOT, which is cleary that I AM. Gahhhhh. Lesson learned. Please dont trust anybody but yourself cos I can do it better. I WISH.

Ok night night and please, this reminder is for myself, dont get cheated in shopping online. Ohhh I feel very stupid right now. So stupid.

Sunday, October 13, 2013


Tomorrow will be our 2nd year anniversary together!

I'm all sick and busy busy busy, and its almost Aidiladha, so no surprises. Arghhh.

When to the doctor, he said its just hormonal inbalance. But its so uncomfortable and all heaty. I dont know what else to do. And a bit dizzy too.

We wanted to go to a friend's aqiqah, but I dont have the heart to get ready and the dizziness, it wont come off!

So my husband said he wanted an aglio olio spagetthi, and yeap I dont mind helping it either since its super duper easy. Yeah its our lunch!

We dont normally keep chillies at home, so we used leftover chilli flakes from Domino's. Heh. And its super delicious!!

Aglio olio means garlic and oil. That makes me a happy girl since this is the easiest dish I have ever done! Except this time around, the hubby helped out.

I was craving for icecream to bring down the heatiness. But I was lookig forward to do this banana spring roll I saw in a cookblog the other day. Yeap drooolingg!

Banana is so good when its cooked! I was craving more on bananas when I saw this quick bite at food network about a yummy breakfast he had at a local small store named evilkenivil something like that. They ate them with whipped cream and maple syrup. I was like WHATTTTTTTTTT?????

That moment made me so want to make that banana spring roll.

There you go. 


So yummy I want to get more!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Nothing much to say in the middle of the week. Heh.

We collect money to buy a handbag for mama as her birthday prezzie. We hope she will love it! 

This is the one. It was cheap. So why not?

So I promised that I will show the ombre DIY tshirt made by me. I wanted to put a picture me wearing it, but nahhh was too big for the frame, yaknoewataimeann yo

This is Nolan. I dont fancy him that much but he is so funny, he will lie down which ever way that he feels like it. 

And Brown, boy I miss him so much. But you know he's just a type of cat that notice you when he's hungry. Sad but true. 

I fell sick since last weekend. Yup. So I made this for myself when I was on MC.

Long time no see you chocolate pudding. I think I put the milk more than I should so its a bit watery. Arghh who cares!

I had luncheon with the colleagues at Delicious, I ate that aglio olio and made my tummy all gassy the whole day. Dammit.

And this banana caramel cake was good! I think this is a safe bet among other dessert they offered.

Oklah time to go to sleep. Tata.


I have been eyeing ombres and dip dyes for like everrr. And I never thought that we can DIY.

I did DIY dip dye back then for our rattan chairs when we were just moved into the new house. Remember this?

I was so thrilled I was so crazy I feel like I want to do this style for all the furniture in the house. Thats how crazy I was. Not to mention I even googled images for dip dye and ombre everyday and save them in my phone. Ehemm, never stop doing that until now.

I didnt know how I bumped into this lady, bellaluna ombre, she's selling ombre jeans and said she made them with her two beautiful hands. Oooomaigaddd. You can do it yourself?

I cant hold my heart and preorder for myself. Yumm still waiting for her to send them down to me. While waiting, please I'm not the type of person who is just sit and wait. I did my research. Boleh dapat A+ lah research methodology macam nihh. Hihhhh.

I googled on how to DIY ombre shirt, beddings, curtains etc. Yeap I fell for it the minute I saw one DIY and she did it beautifully on her white shirt. Yumm and its purple. Definitely a must-try!

So I searched where I can get that dye, which I have known is Dylon.

I remembered seeing this during my visit at Artfriend. I even touched it. And have had the intention to buy one packet. But I put it back thinking that I would never DIY own shirt or anything since its a bit tidious. Yeap I'm a neat freak. ONLY ON CERTAIN THINGS HEH.

So I got so crazy over this, I didnt wait. They only delivered the dyes to me on Tuesday. I got my hands on them only on Friday. I got all jumpy and excited so I didnt wait since I just bought a fresh white shirt from H&M.

I boiled the water, get the dye ready and dip dip dipped! 

There you go! Currently patiently waiting for shirt to dry.

Ohhh seriously I cant wait to dye more shirts and beddings!!!!

I will post a photo of the shirts once it dries out. Love love love!! Ciau.