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Thursday, March 27, 2014


Atas permintaan ramai we'ols create account instagram Robin. Heh. Ni mesti pasal orang menyampahlah ni tengok asik spam feed diorang dengan gambar kucen jewww.

Adik hemsem selepas abam hemsem Brown. Heh.

My first futsal experience. Punyalah aku takut nak main pastu officemate semua ajak main, main je lah! Best jugakk. Ehh?

Sebab tulih blog hari ni, so kena letak gambar makanan hari ni. Heh. Bubur ayam meriah betul. Lepas tu mintak soya cincau, hambik kau dia bagi soya vsoy sebotol. Hahahaha

Lepas tu sebab kengkonon nak masuk Chairman Cup kat opis tu kengkonon sangat nak suar tracksuit sebijik. Ingatkan h&m ada yang murah. Murah amende lawo sikit pun rege RM119.90. Whatt?????!!! Lepas tu tetiba nak tengok Adidas online. Ehh murahhh, Adidas lagi. Shipping baru sembilan hengget. Kalau beli over RM200 free shipping. Fuh. Geram tengok. So aku tak nak tengok lelama, cepat-cepat aku check out. Takut terbeli jaket rege RM280. Hahahah.

Friday, March 21, 2014



Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Lucky triple eight!

Anyway, today I was on MC, my gum swollen for like days and I got fever for 2 days. Gahh. And lucky me, the doctor said nothing bad, its just infection. Arghh. Alhamdulillah.

So I was at home all day and went to visit my sister at her uni. I just wanted to share some photos of Robin. Yeahh. 

Boy, he was annoyed since he was being force to take picture while I hold him. Haha. He is a very vocal cat, he answered whenever we call out his name.

He's super playful he runs all around in the house chasing nothing and ended up curtains being his prey. I was just scared if the curtains tore and lucky us we just hang the day curtain. Gahh.

He was behaving real good with strangers while visiting my sister. She had friends around but he was adjusting himself very well and being so affectionate. Maybe he knows that he was that cute and the centre of attention. Haha.

Sunday, March 16, 2014


Hari tu hubby call beria-ria tapi aku tak sempat angkat miss call sampai 3 kali. Ingat nak cakap pasal klinik gigi yang aku mintak dia tolong call.

Rupanya nak cakap pasal kucing. Dia kata dapat murah maine coon. Aku pun ok jelah kata murah kann. Pastu dia cakap boleh ambil malam tu jugak. Ai. Aku tanya berapa, dia kata RM550. Mak ai. Hishhh.

Aku malas sikit nak jaga kucing nih. Kalau setakat main dengan bagi makan boleh lah! Kalau nak suruh uruskan kencing berak dia memang mintak maaf lah. Tapi sebab hubby nak jaga and dia pun memang suka jaga suka hati lahhh.

Malam tu bawak memang aktif gila main toy dia yang hubby beli. Lepas tu tak tidur ke tak tahulah sebab kitorang tidur dekat ruang tamu malam tu. Pagi tu bangun dia dah siap berak dalam toilet. Ok. AI FUKIN' LOVE DIZ CATZZZ. Hehehe.

Nama dia Robin. Robin Van Persie. Kehkehkeh pasal hubby die hard fan MU. Huhh. Whatever. Tapi nasib ko comel. Dahlah bulu tak tanggal. Wahh ai laike.

Baru tiga bulan besar macam 5 bulan untuk domestic cat.

Dengan rasminya kami mengumumkan tarikh besday dia 13 March 2014 hehehehehehe

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Its our workstation which we plan on moving it to one of the room so we can cater for another family hall. Biasalah rumah kicik aje tapi we have BIG families, so yeah, just wait and see how it turns out. Gahhhh

I cooked chicken curry for late lunch and hubby made roti jala for my father's birthday celebration. So sad that we dont have a cake T_____T


This aircraft had gone missing for more than a day. Its just a mystery and currently they are putting all the speculations, investigation together to get more info on the missing plane.

Look, I can wear my solemnization dress again. Well, I cheat. I loose weight a little which I have to starve to get my before married weight and I went to a tailor to alter the dress. Haha.

This shows I'm far off being fat but I have baby fat all over. Even so after I altered the dress it was very tight it might tore into pieces. But after awhile, I have a good track of keeping my diet which I only eat a bread with any spread I want for breakfast, I eat anything I want for lunch but I try to eat lesser and for dinner I only drink water or chocolates or a bread or milk. I dont exercise regularly. Yes the losing weight process is a bit slow but you can see the different! Trust me.

I also currently try to drink more than 2 litres a day, so I bought a big cute drinking tumbler from Typo.

Its a one litre bottle. I have tracked my weight every morning and from what I can see for a week, my weight keep on decreasing 100gram a day! What a happy news! Last time I remember some people said you have to drink a lot of water to surpress your cravings but I never get it, until now. Thank God! I just hope I keep losing weight this way.

I still have my Starbucks, my cakes, my chocolates, my candies. Every now and then we had dinner with families. I still do that. 

Sometimes I use stairs while at the office. I did some exercise few months back. Now I feel like I need to start back on track again. Its just that I feel super exhausted back from work. And I wanted to lazying around on weekends. Hmmm well I need to start anyway, huh?

Monday, March 3, 2014

860 - 862

Such a short and the sweetest vacation ever! Dah berapa tahun tak enjoy vacation dengan kawan. Heh.

Lepas nih pergi Langkawi nak pergi dengan hubby pulak. Heee

Sakit satu badann. Dua hari cukuplah rehat kot. Besok dah kerja. Huaaaa.