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Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Recap of 2013

January - Kite pergi Hong Kong

Early March - Melbourne, aku datang!

Mid March - kereta baru come to mama! Our first car :')

April - ehh besday kite lah! Thanks Shima for this cute cute cute edited gambar kita swimming dekat Holiday Villa, Subang.

May - sebok kemas rumah nak pindah konon. And of cos, the most favourite wall in the house, the chalkboard wall. Never regret a single second.

June - staying here for goood :) another favourite decor in the house.

July - celebrate besday boy dekat rumah baru hehehehe menyesal beli rainbow cake. Red velvet lagi sodapp.

August - Raya first celebrate dekat Klang. Lepas tu baru pergi Gemas. Lepas tu balik Kelantan. Fuhh.

September - cuti-cuti Malaysia kat Port Dickson sebab mak mentua beria-ria nak picnic nak celebrate anak mak cik punya besday.

October - housewarming/potluck party with schoolmates :D kononnya nak pergi swimming pool last-last semua duduk tengok TV. Pastu tengok Azie ngn baby baruu :D

November - Penang here we come! Pergi Penang sebab Paeng ada marathon angkut family aku skali tidur dekat condo cantikk wahhh

December - cuti-cuti Malaysia pegi Melaka pulak nak perabih duit. Ahahaha.

Ni jelahh highlights of the year. Too many things happened in a year. Who knows everything happened in 2013. And how time flies so fast.

Tomorrow will be a new year. I'm getting older, and hopefully become wiser. 

We hope God grant our wishes in 2014. Ameen.

Saturday, December 28, 2013


Gambar Brown berlakon tidurr.

Family dinner at Zam Zam Restaurant, Shah Alam

Makan mahal dekat sama bangunan lain wing punya restauran Italiano. Sedap jugak.

Kalai's last day.

Ini saja nak tunjuk percubaan menggunakan pencil chalk Typo. Mahal okehh lepas tu susah nak remove. Shit sangat -_________-"

Satu lagi percubaan menulis menggunakan chalk pencil. Tak pekat macam chalk biasa. But at least boleh tulis yang kecik-kecik. Heh. Nampak cute jugakk. Ehh?? Ahahahaaha.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Husband kite cakap beli macam-macam tak guna pun.

Pastu kalau kite nak beli lagi, dia cakap yang kat rumah tu buat apa tak guna pun.


So ai pun fikir punya fikir dengan eksaitednya ohh nak bagi hadiah souvenirs dekat opis mate since diorang kasi tumpang naik kereta keluar lunch time lepas tu tak mintak duit minyak punn ohh terhutang budi sangat.

Siap ada initial lagi for each of them. Saya sukaaa. Kalau ada orang bagi dekat ai macam ni ai akan jerit satu blok rumah ai boleh dengar ehehehehe. Melampau.

Terima kasih kawan :)

Saturday, December 21, 2013


We had an amazing short getaway to the south Malaysia. We went to Johor Premium Outlet for shopping and stayed at Melaka for 2 nights.

It was so amazing.

We prepared pack meals for lunch! And I prepared all the decorations and that I realized it made me more excited to cook! 

The clouds are so beautiful.

Decorated pill box with washi tapes. Nice!

Some chocolates we bought at JPO.

My breakfast at Avillion Legacy Melaka.

Some of the clothes I bought at JPO.

Coconut shake at ABC Tanjung, Klebang. So yummy we had to take away on our way to KL.

Super cute cafe beside our hotel.

Dropped by at Hard Rock Cafe for some souvenirs.

We had a walk at Jonker Street during the afternoon and after dinner. Crazy over the stuff sell there.

The strait.

A laundry shop at Jonker Street.

We had dinner at Medan Ikan Bakar Parameswara, so yummm!

We stopped by at our matriculation college. It has been 8 years since. 

Stuff I managed to get at Jonker Street. Super like! And you see that super cute and very little jars contain super cute pastries from a clay or whatever but it looks like real though! So I fell in love and bought them. Gahhh.

We reached home at about 6pm and with empty stomach. So I made grilled sandwiches with omelette. Yumm.

It was an incredible short getaway! A superb one. I wish we can do it again next time :)

Thursday, December 19, 2013


I've never been this happy. For the first time in my life, I LOVE MY JOB. Yes, I dont really love it but the atmosphere in the new office (not that new, we have been here for like almost 6months) made me feel motivated and a little bit happier. I made more friends, bosses' are never pushy like before, and my husband can send and pick me up from work! I love it!

Part from the happy ending, yup, what kind of people are you if you dont know what is happening around, like everything keep on increasing while our living standard is same old same old like 10 years ago? Gahhhh politics, bullshit.

Whatever that is, a little santa did get me excited and happy. I love getting prezzies. Who doesnt?

The bosses are like secret santas, put this little mini bags with mini chocolates (of course no sharing with the hubby hehehehe) and a handwritten note to each of the colleagues of the department. WHATTTT??? This is the first in my life. Kamonnn, this is super rare!

And even a colleague joke about it at the annual department meeting saying thank you for the cute gift and to hope to get bigger in CNY. WHAATTTT?? Hahaha.

I even got my own doodle, this one is a serious doodle. I mean, I never went this crazy, but yeah, I TOLD YA I WAS JUMPY.

Before the exchange gift session we had lunch together. That was a fun one!

I got myself a set of Baylis & Harding body wash and lotion. And people got so excited when I received it. No wonderlah, it was from the biggest boss, see that pictures, he was smiling ear to ear knowing people was cheering when I got that gift. Hah!

Tomorrow me and the hubby will have a short vacation. It is for our 2nd anniversary. 

Our anniversary fall a day before Eid Aidiladha, so we didnt get a chance to celebrate. So I got so excited that I planned on for picnic. So excited that I dig out all my craft stuff that I didnt get a chance yet on using them. Poor me.

Yeahhh, more pictures to come!


These happened in one day. Thank you Allah for the loving people that stay around for all these years. 

God bless all of you! Love you all!