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Thursday, July 25, 2013


Last Sunday was hectic and crazy. The parents were coming over with the brothers and sisters for iftar.

Biasalah. Main dish was never prepared by me. As for now. I punya cooking skill belum pun cukup setengah bar (imagining The Sims skill bar). Belum cukup hours spend dekat kitchen and reading all the cookbook. Fuhh.

Mama offered to bring nasi bukhari, our family's signature dish during special occasion. Hari raye ke, raye haji ke, open house ke, orang nak datang ke, its our favourite! The hubby pun dah jatuh cinta. Siap tanya bila mama nak buat lagi and look forward to hari raya when we're on the 16th of Ramadhan.

We only prepared a simple meal, roasted chicken and veggies. It was my first time making this. Last time we did chicken grill and it was a hit with the family. Yeah secret recipe. Nahh there was never a secret. We only use black pepper sauce and honey! And the gravy, I just use a recipe I got from a magazine, which I totally forgot where I keep it.

So, I thought of doing roasted chicken because I saw one of the instagrammer, Liana Nordin, made it for her buka puasa and with good tips. I really find myself the laziest to do all those preparation, nak kopek bawang lah, nak blend lah, nak itulah inilah. Yeah, this is the best thing that I'm willing to do and yes I will do it with tender loving care. Blerghhh.

We went to Tesco and bought the herbs de province. And its marvelous! I just sprinkle olive oil, salt, butter, honey and the herbs. And its family approved! I did the gravy with the chicken juicy, onion with salt and pepper. Voila!

We also made the homemade strawberry icecream using our new icecream maker.

We had tiramisu homemade by the sister, the cat lady. Yeahh. Thats the one. 

The girls minus me.

Meja makan kerusi tak cukup.

Macho men lepas berbuka.

We all had jemaah prayer after iftar. All in all, this is the best iftar I had ever! 

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