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Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Lucky triple eight!

Anyway, today I was on MC, my gum swollen for like days and I got fever for 2 days. Gahh. And lucky me, the doctor said nothing bad, its just infection. Arghh. Alhamdulillah.

So I was at home all day and went to visit my sister at her uni. I just wanted to share some photos of Robin. Yeahh. 

Boy, he was annoyed since he was being force to take picture while I hold him. Haha. He is a very vocal cat, he answered whenever we call out his name.

He's super playful he runs all around in the house chasing nothing and ended up curtains being his prey. I was just scared if the curtains tore and lucky us we just hang the day curtain. Gahh.

He was behaving real good with strangers while visiting my sister. She had friends around but he was adjusting himself very well and being so affectionate. Maybe he knows that he was that cute and the centre of attention. Haha.

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