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Monday, February 6, 2012

Baru boleh kuar publicly..



Mestilah aku yang buat. From scratch. Tapi serbuk gravy tu mesti la beli kt kedai. Mane aku reti nak buat. Tapi from mash potato to mushroom sauce definitely aku yang kerjakan.

Yang penting sedap. Ikut selera aku. Sebab last2 aku yang abiskan. Hahahaha lagi sedap dari KFC punye huahuahuahua

Adik aku jahat. Die cakap beginner', luck. Haha. Whatever as long as its tastes as good as it is, I dont care. I still made it out of my own hand :)

I still dont like cooking though. And someone just made me not to like cooking more.

And its the most horrible thing to remember. Whatever it is, I promise to try my hardest to cook for my hubby :D

Its just the nicest thing to do. And I still not doing it right. Arghhh

Wish me luck!

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