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Sunday, September 29, 2013


I wrote alot just now. And now its gone. So all the thought has gone and I can only write whatever I can remember. Dammit.

I did this tiny bunting for our wall decor in the bedroom. Yeap I just cant hold my hand on the new twine I bought months before.

Iphone released the new ios. So what if its different? I like the new camera. I'm not familiar with it yet, but have to since I'll totally be having the new Iphone. Heh. I wish.

He is sick. We went to the vet but nothing is okay. He still doesnt want to eat. We even force fed him with soft food and honey. He just sleeps all day.

That blue sky. We went to Port Dickson last weekend. Last time I was here was 13 years ago when I was on a school trip. I hate beach that much huh? Even much that I went swimming at St. Kilda in  Melbourne! Ehh?

So much of a sea front? We slept at a cheap hotel that ended up I got rashes on my legs. Dammit. I hate cheap hotel. Hmphhh. I love the price but not the condition.

Ohh yeahhh. Paid extra for this view from the room. We booked a room at Thistle. We bought that Groupon so that we got the chance to feel like rich people and paid a fraction of that price. Yup we are cheapskate so what? 

Love the bottle. Remind me of that favourite drink of mine, vitamin water.

Just had some memory of our wedding. I just wish I had another chance doing this. Hahaha but the sisters already booked me for their weddings which didnt have a date yet. Hah!

This is what happen when the hubby was late to pick me up from work. This is an alphabet biscuits from my colleague. She's just super nice, she gave me a mini tin for brooches just because I told her its cute. I'm so touched. And she always bring snacks for us. Such a sweet girl.

The husband was away for the weekend. He had this treasure hunt thing organized by his company. So I did the laundry. Yup. A whole lot of 'em.

And I got my stuff from typo. But too bad that I bought the picnic plates which they are just melamines. Huarghhhh. 

Yup. I ordered stuff from Tesco online and just have to have this. Yummy!

And I miss this baby. That blue eye boy. That grumpy moody cat. 

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