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Wednesday, October 9, 2013


I have been eyeing ombres and dip dyes for like everrr. And I never thought that we can DIY.

I did DIY dip dye back then for our rattan chairs when we were just moved into the new house. Remember this?

I was so thrilled I was so crazy I feel like I want to do this style for all the furniture in the house. Thats how crazy I was. Not to mention I even googled images for dip dye and ombre everyday and save them in my phone. Ehemm, never stop doing that until now.

I didnt know how I bumped into this lady, bellaluna ombre, she's selling ombre jeans and said she made them with her two beautiful hands. Oooomaigaddd. You can do it yourself?

I cant hold my heart and preorder for myself. Yumm still waiting for her to send them down to me. While waiting, please I'm not the type of person who is just sit and wait. I did my research. Boleh dapat A+ lah research methodology macam nihh. Hihhhh.

I googled on how to DIY ombre shirt, beddings, curtains etc. Yeap I fell for it the minute I saw one DIY and she did it beautifully on her white shirt. Yumm and its purple. Definitely a must-try!

So I searched where I can get that dye, which I have known is Dylon.

I remembered seeing this during my visit at Artfriend. I even touched it. And have had the intention to buy one packet. But I put it back thinking that I would never DIY own shirt or anything since its a bit tidious. Yeap I'm a neat freak. ONLY ON CERTAIN THINGS HEH.

So I got so crazy over this, I didnt wait. They only delivered the dyes to me on Tuesday. I got my hands on them only on Friday. I got all jumpy and excited so I didnt wait since I just bought a fresh white shirt from H&M.

I boiled the water, get the dye ready and dip dip dipped! 

There you go! Currently patiently waiting for shirt to dry.

Ohhh seriously I cant wait to dye more shirts and beddings!!!!

I will post a photo of the shirts once it dries out. Love love love!! Ciau.

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