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Saturday, December 14, 2013


I always love gift wrapping. And its the time of the year where everybody is busy buying special gift to the families, colleagues, friends and their special someone. And yeah, of course for some people who didnt have that much money, they personalized something handmade. From the gift itself until the gift wrapping part.

Oh I just love this season. I can get the greatest and simplest ideas from crafters all over the world!

Even it does look simple but its so beautiful that I feel like I want to eat it. Yeah. Something like that.

I have been collecting all gift wrapping stuff since forever but I just dont get the chance to give it to someone. Ahh...

A gift card I shared with friends for a schoolmate's wedding gift. That envelope is a money packet I bought years ago but never get the chance to use it, so this time around, why not?

This is a gift for our exchange gift at the office. I made that flower bouquet from cupcake liners. Ohh how I miss crafting! 

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