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Saturday, December 21, 2013


We had an amazing short getaway to the south Malaysia. We went to Johor Premium Outlet for shopping and stayed at Melaka for 2 nights.

It was so amazing.

We prepared pack meals for lunch! And I prepared all the decorations and that I realized it made me more excited to cook! 

The clouds are so beautiful.

Decorated pill box with washi tapes. Nice!

Some chocolates we bought at JPO.

My breakfast at Avillion Legacy Melaka.

Some of the clothes I bought at JPO.

Coconut shake at ABC Tanjung, Klebang. So yummy we had to take away on our way to KL.

Super cute cafe beside our hotel.

Dropped by at Hard Rock Cafe for some souvenirs.

We had a walk at Jonker Street during the afternoon and after dinner. Crazy over the stuff sell there.

The strait.

A laundry shop at Jonker Street.

We had dinner at Medan Ikan Bakar Parameswara, so yummm!

We stopped by at our matriculation college. It has been 8 years since. 

Stuff I managed to get at Jonker Street. Super like! And you see that super cute and very little jars contain super cute pastries from a clay or whatever but it looks like real though! So I fell in love and bought them. Gahhh.

We reached home at about 6pm and with empty stomach. So I made grilled sandwiches with omelette. Yumm.

It was an incredible short getaway! A superb one. I wish we can do it again next time :)

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