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Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Nothing much to say in the middle of the week. Heh.

We collect money to buy a handbag for mama as her birthday prezzie. We hope she will love it! 

This is the one. It was cheap. So why not?

So I promised that I will show the ombre DIY tshirt made by me. I wanted to put a picture me wearing it, but nahhh was too big for the frame, yaknoewataimeann yo

This is Nolan. I dont fancy him that much but he is so funny, he will lie down which ever way that he feels like it. 

And Brown, boy I miss him so much. But you know he's just a type of cat that notice you when he's hungry. Sad but true. 

I fell sick since last weekend. Yup. So I made this for myself when I was on MC.

Long time no see you chocolate pudding. I think I put the milk more than I should so its a bit watery. Arghh who cares!

I had luncheon with the colleagues at Delicious, I ate that aglio olio and made my tummy all gassy the whole day. Dammit.

And this banana caramel cake was good! I think this is a safe bet among other dessert they offered.

Oklah time to go to sleep. Tata.

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