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Sunday, October 27, 2013


Oh shit. Again. Eventhough I love the convenience of writing in a blog from the phone, but I just hate the fact that when you wanted to see the other apps for a bit without exiting, but when you open back the blogger apps, whatever that you had written is gone, FOR GOOD. Gahhhhh.

Red velvet cake that I bought from Wondermilk. I still feel that the price is reasonable for the size of the cake, and its RED VELVET.

Thank you friends for coming over to our super sweet house.

Suria wanted to test out her wide lens.

Grafitti that they left on our chalkboard wall. And I didnt finish off what I wanted to write for the menu of the day. Haha.
Friends. Love you guys!

We dropped by at Starbucks to buy coffee. Ended up we bought a bag of coffee bean.

The staff was incredibly nice, she explained to us which type of coffee that Starbucks uses to make their coffee, and we told her that we dont have a coffee machine, that we only have a coffee press, she offered to grind the beans for us! I was still in awe with the services! I mean, if I know that buying coffee beans is this easy, I would have bought them million years ago so I could make my own coffee!

For one packet of coffee bean is only RM30 and with RM30, I can only buy 2 cups of grande caramel latte right?

Arghhh how stupidddd.

Now I only need to make the syrup. Ohhh I cant wait!

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