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Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Was craving for coffee today. Since payday is still another few days to go so we opt for cheaper coffee. McCafe has the best coffee after Starbucks. The coffee is acceptable. 

San Francisco coffee is not bad either. I had them for couple of times before. Coffee from The Coffee Bean also drinkable. I can still taste the caramel. 

Yeap, thats the only coffee that I will drink. Everytime I go to Starbucks or any other coffee shop, I only can drink caramel latte. And during Christmas season, Starbucks got this toffee nut latte, its delicious too.

There was one time, our boss wanted to treat us for coffee, so the nearest was Gloria Jean's. I didnt mean to say bad thing about this coffee shop, but to me, the coffee tastes like shit. I didnt know what I'd tasted. The caramel latte was down the drain. The cookies and cream tasted like dirt. Come on!

And for all my years working at the building, I never spend a penny there. Arghhh. Urgghh. Maybe its just me. But I saw a lot of loyal customer keep coming back for their coffee.

Since we both love coffee that much, I had google some recipe for caramel syrup. Ohhh I cant wait to do this. If its okay I will blog about it :)

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