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Sunday, October 20, 2013


Dont know what's troubling my mind right now.

I just wish it will go away.


I love gummy candies. And seeing this just makes me super excited. When I was a kid, we only got burger and pizza.

I made the fried apple. I dont have the green one so I used the fuji ones. It tastes weird. But I love the smells. It lingers in the house for couple of minutes. So yummy.

Ok, I made the banana spring roll again. This time I mashed the banana so I got to add the vanilla essence. Hehe. I love the vanilla smell. Its so yummy and sweet.

The hubby is not around for the night. He got this marathon thing in Putrajaya. So I was all alone and what else can I do besides watching TV?

Ok ok I got my ombre jeans. Its not like what I had in mind. I dont know. Maybe I just had high expectation. Yes I am. I am that person. I love beautiful things. And if its not like what I had imagined, then you ruined it man.

The girl asked me how it goes, I just said its ok. I dont want to be the fussy one.

One thing for sure, dont think too much and you cant compare with those branded jeans when you pay for that kind of price. But I feel its a bit too overboard with that. And she also sent the jeans a bit later than expected. So she did ruined all the excitement, I guess. Hmm.

I mean, maybe, maybe, that its just didnt meet the expectation thats all. Its just one stupid phenomenon where all the girls just wanted to get one. But it look goods in picture. So I was tempted and feel cheated. Gahh. I didnt say she was cheating or whatever. But my expectation is somewhat very high, I just feel stupid that I had to think like that. Poor her.

This makes me feel like doing my own! Arghhhhhh. So stupid. I feel like I wanted to go to H&M and buy all the basics and just do it now! Dylon Malaysia did notify me that they have new colors. Argghh.

I'm sorry if anybody who read this will say or think she is wrong. No, its just me. Trust me, and she did mentioned her jeans not for fussy buyer. Which I thought I AM NOT, which is cleary that I AM. Gahhhhh. Lesson learned. Please dont trust anybody but yourself cos I can do it better. I WISH.

Ok night night and please, this reminder is for myself, dont get cheated in shopping online. Ohhh I feel very stupid right now. So stupid.

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