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Monday, May 10, 2010


At least for now, we have discussed several places utk dijadikan tempat kenduri perkahwinan :))

On top of our list will be Bilik Perdana...sebab the cost, tak mahal macam Dewan Merak Kayangan. Serves buffet RM25 per head for a min 500 person... Quit expensive tapi we only have to deal with 1 party aje. Felda D'Saji ke ape tah lupe. Diorang akan prepare everything from the deco to the makanan yang enak to the waiters blablabla :)

But the thing is, ia berada di kota ibu kota yang mane aku rase susah nak deal ngn my parents sebab jauh. Despite of the distance, another reason to choose this place is the parking, ade org jage traffic, pelamin pun diorg buat, bilik persalinan pun ade, and can fit 300 person at a time!  Definitely not a BILIK! Hahaha

And then, we have Dewan Merak Kayangan which I think kalau duit fall of the sky baru consider yang ini. Huh. But still, the package same aje cume dewan tu of cos laa bigger pastu lagi cantik and boleh fit 1000 person kot at a time. Harge RM30 per head for a min 700 person... waaaaa???!!! Besar lagi mulut, besar lagi.. hehehe for both place would be RM5k. Urgghhhh!!!!

We also ade consider nak book dewan banquet MBSA, which is nearer to home. Ah. Tapi 3 parties will be involved. The deco people, the MBSA, and the caterer. Tak best kan? Even orang kate the more the merrier, tapi kalau bab duit boleh pakai ke peribahase tu?? Uh uh. NOoooooott!!!

The least favorite... dewan sekolah. Cheaper. Tapi involved 3 parties. Again. Lagipun, aku tak suke sgt dewan sekolah.. skali last2 buat kat dewan sekolah mak aku.. padan muke. Muahahahaha.

Apape pun, we need to discuss again laa... Nak2 pulak aku pakse parents aku support duit kenduri hehehehe tak malu.. :P

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